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USRA - Universities Space Research Association

USRA - Universities Space Research Association

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USRA Research Opportunities Program

USRA Research Institutes, Centers and Programs are currently located at 6 NASA centers and a DOE National Laboratory. All have very active research programs and are closely engaged with federal staff and local industry. They also help manage many technical conferences and workshops across a diverse range of space disciplines.

The USRA Research Opportunities Program (ROP) is a way for USRA Institute Directors to connect directly with individuals at academic institutions on research opportunities. These may be research needs in the USRA Institute itself, or may be new and emerging areas that USRA is aware of because of our close interactions with industry and federal centers. ROP notices also contain opportunities for individuals to collaborate with USRA researchers on proposals, or for universities to become part of a larger USRA proposal effort for major new research activities. They also include many student intern, graduate, post-doctoral and other employment opportunities. USRA research staffs are encouraged to identify opportunities that can be communicated to universities and to work with their Institute Director in preparing an ROP notice. We also make the service available to strategic partners in industry.

Faculty, staff and students at academic institutions are invited to register below to receive these ROP notices in the fields they desire.

Areas of Interest
In order to receive mailings from USRA, please select at least one of the following:

Air Traffic Management and Automation
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Autonomous System
Data Sciences
Earth Science
Education & Outreach
Human Factors/Human Systems Integration
Information Technology/Computer Science
Intern Opportunities
Materials Science & Nanotechnology
Planetary Science
Power & Propulsion
Quantum Computing
Spacecraft Design
Space Debris Research
Space Life Sciences
Space Object Characterization
Space Situational Awareness
Systems Engineering
Unmanned Aerial Systems
All of the above